Woodpellet industries

Production Flowchart



1. Chipping

In the first process, the wood is cut into small pieces using a chipping machine. 

chipping cv buana harum kharisma

2. Crushing

Wood device is meant to crush wood branches, twigs, limbs in addition as plastic stalk materials like bamboo, couch grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etcetera Driven by one electrical motor, energy-saving and low noise. In this step the wood will crushing like dust

crushing cv buana harum kharisma
Raw Material Cv buana harum kharisma

3. Drying

There are essentially two methods for drying wood pellets, high temperature processes in drying drums and low temperature processes in belt dryers. Drum dryers have been on the market for some time. Pellet standards and quality seals specify how much residual water the fuel is allowed to have.


4. Pelletizing

The principle behind pelletizing processes (also known as agglomeration) is the opposite of grinding technology: it consists of gathering together or clustering fine solid particles in order to form elements of larger dimensions (spheres, bricks or even cylindrical pellets).

Cooling & Sizing

5. Cooling & Sizing

In this process wood pellets are cooled and formed. 

cooling and sizing cv buana harum kharisma
magnet inspection

6. Magnet Inspection

The wood pellets are being checked for iron in them. If found it will be separated.

magneti nspection cv buana harum kharisma

7. Bagging

After done with magnet inspection, wood pellets will go to  bagging process and ready to use.  

quality check

8. Quality Check

Last check before we distribute our wood pellets. We will check the quality of it.

quality check cv buana harum kharisma